Selection of Virtual Pos for Your Company & Advantages of Esnek Pos

The increase and widespread use of the Internet has also changed shopping habits. More variety, more affordable prices for shoppers; For sellers, being able to reach more people with less spending compared to the physical store has increased the online sales and thus the use of virtual pos day by day. There are many points to consider when choosing a virtual pos for your company. First of all, does the company providing virtual pos have the necessary license? Has it added value-added technologies and software to the service provided by banks? Is the data and the payment service it provides safe? Are the necessary Fraud filters available? Can it warn you in advance of frauds? Are necessary software updates made? Is the support team reachable in case of any problems? And does it provide a sales-oriented service?

Esnek Pos provides all pre-sales and post-sales support to member businesses with a sales-oriented approach. With our products and technologies that we have developed since 2005, we are always with our member businesses in order to receive safe and easy payments. You can also get virtual pos service from EsnekPos with appropriate commission rates and next business day payment option.

Although various payment methods are offered for product or service sales made over the Internet, the most preferred method is undoubtedly the ones made with a credit card or debit card. In other words, in order to increase your sales through e-commerce, you first need a VIRTUAL POS integrated into your site. In the classic add to cart & buy method, customers can complete their payments with the 3D secure safe shopping model by entering their card information online on the payment page. Esnek POS can provide virtual pos services to e-commerce sites, as well as to companies that have a dealer network, using B2b software or making hot sales in the field.

They are institutions that are subject to the law numbered 6493, under the control of the Central Bank, support payment transactions with their own infrastructure, offer some different advantages to customers with their products and software compared to banks, and act as payment intermediaries.

While they can provide virtual pos services to e-commerce sites, they can also host different services such as money transfer, bill payment, mobile payment in line with their authorization levels.

Elekse Elektronik Para ve Ödeme Kuruluşu is a payment institution that provides virtual pos service, card storage service, recurring payment service and wallet service under the Esnek Pos brand. It has been developing its software and products in line with the needs of the payment industry since 2005, and promises easy integration, reliable payment, and good after-sales support to every company that sells via e-commerce under the E-commerce brand with the E-commerce brand.

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