1. Prescription medication, drugs and psychotropic substances,
  2. Products and services that technically eliminate copyright protections,
  3. Products and services covered by terrorism legislation,
  4. Sites that sell banned publications,
  5. Products/services for violation and abuse of animal rights,
  6. Sites that sell aid for passing drug tests (doping drugs, etc.),
  7. Violent products / services that are against human dignity, public order, general morality, security and health,
  8. All kinds of products/services obtained illegally such as forgery, trafficking, theft, etc.,
  9. T.C. Turkish Food Codex Communiqué No. 2013/49 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock: All kinds of products/services obtained in ways that do not comply with other laws,
  10. Auction /auction sites,
  11. Products whose trade is subject to government permission,
  12. Sites that sell alcoholic beverages,
  13. Betting and gambling sites,
  14. Offline sales through the call center,
  15. Slimming tablets product sales websites,
  16. Stolen goods, sites selling products with a serial number,
  17. Imitation or counterfeit products / services for the violation and abuse of intellectual and industrial property rights,
  18. Sites that sell stocks, bonds and bills,
  19. Sites selling human organs,
  20. Sites that sell illegal and prohibited products,
  21. Offering for sale information such as any special news, photographs, images, telephone numbers, e-mails, and residence addresses,
  22. Sites that sell products with copies and without banderols,
  23. Sites selling cultural and natural assets,
  24. Sites that sell promotional products of brands,
  25. Sites that sell monkeys and unlockers,
  26. Products / services for copying games (R4 / modchip),
  27. Websites that sell in the form of a pyramid,
  28. Sites selling radar detectors,
  29. Prescription and non-prescription drug sales sites,
  30. Prescription, non-prescription drugs, Lenses, sites selling products containing indication information,
  31. Forged documents, IDs, passports, diplomas, nobility titles, etc. selling sites,
  32. Sites that sell counterfeit or replica products,
  33. Sites selling Synthetic Stimulants (Bath Salt, K2, Spice, Genie, all of the substances called Chronic) and Salvia Divinorum,
  34. Cigarette and tobacco product sales (including electronic cigarette sales),
  35. Political content sites,
  36. Sites selling lottery tickets,
  37. Sites that sell savings devices,
  38. Sites that sell bulk electronic mailing address lists,
  39. Sites that sell Traffic Devices (Radar locker, etc.),
  40. Sites that sell TV decoders and scrambled broadcast decoders,
  41. Sites that sell veterinary medical products,
  42. Sites that sell Web Attacking and Program Breaking Software,
  43. Sites selling flammable and explosive materials,
  44. Illegal adult sites Sites that sell sexually explicit / pornographic products,
  45. Products and services that are against the mental health of young people and children and harm children and human rights.

You may download document of the Banned Products and Service Informations here .


EsnekPos, The Banned Products