Brand of Elekse Electronic Money and Payment Company Inc.

Esnekpos Esneklink

AndoridPOS ile

You can make contactless payments, installment transactions and digital payments.

With the software specially prepared for you, you can receive your payments quickly and securely with the touch screen of your AndroidPOS device and provide faster service to your customers with the 24/7 support team.

Esnekpos Esneklink
Esnekpos Virtual Pos

Virtual Pos

You don't have to wait any longer to get paid Online. Step into e-commerce with a single integration from your website.

With our Esnek Pos product, you can take advantage of our installment opportunity for all debit and credit cards.

Esnekpos Esneklink

Esnek Link

Don't you have a website and want to sell on social media?

Meet with EsnekLink. Create a link to your customers via your EsnekPos panel. You can either share it on social media or send it to your customers as e-mail or SMS. Get your payment easily.

Esnekpos Esneklink
Esnekpos Esnek Market

Esnek Market

Thanks to our Marketplace model, do not deal with details such as payment date, commission, transfer.

Let us manage the cash flow between you and your sellers instantly. We will automatically send your commission profit to the seller's account and the seller's profit to you.

Esnekpos Regular Payment

Regular Payment

Do you want to receive dues, donations, subscription fees?

We have also designed this service for you. Choose your payment method from your Esnek Pos panel. Receive your payments at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, yearly), on the dates you plan.

Esnekpos Regular Payment
Esnekpos Bkm Ekspress

Bkm Ekspress ile

BKM Express is a fast, easy, and secure payment system developed by the Interbank Card Center. As a Esnek Pos brand, we offer you the option to pay easily without asking for any card information.

  • Supports all Turkey banks.
  • Get payment in installments.
  • Pay with one click without entering card information.
Esnekpos Partial Refund

Partial Refund

Our customers have the right to return.

When the customer requests a refund, a partial refund or a full refund is made in accordance with the sales agreement.

Esnekpos Partial Refund
Esnekpos Ready-Made Modules

Ready-Made Modules

You can make a profit by selling immediately using ready-made modules like Opencart and woocommerce.

You can download and install our modules for free. You can download our virtual pos ready modules from the ready packages tab by clicking on

Esnekpos Data Security in PCI DSS Standards

Data Security in PCI DSS Standards

It is one of the certificates created to increase compliance in payment systems, reduce security risks, eliminate security vulnerabilities and protect card information.

PCI certification ensures the security of card data at your business through a set of requirements established by the PCI SSC.

Esnekpos Data Security in PCI DSS Standards
Esnekpos Fraud System

Fraud System

Fraud systems are controlled by artificial intelligence.

There is a blocking and protection system with a large number of fraud filters by taking action on many issues such as fake, stolen cards, credit card fraud.